alexz sandoval, the founder of bird trouble, has always wanted to pave her own way in life and she's always known she wanted to be an artist. bird trouble started as a creative side hustle on etsy in 2009,
alexz's creative career started when she was in high school though, when she was altering and creating clothing in her fashion design class. she sold her work online on ebay throughout high school. in college, she continued her ENTREPRENEUR passions as she studied fashion design and worked in the beauty industry and freelanced as a makeup artist for chicago designers. in her 20s, she continued as she traveled and lived across america and in mexico.
bird trouble bags are now made from start to finish in chicago by alexz and her team. it all starts with an idea and a sketch. when help is needed, she will hire an assistant or she will manage a professional team of leather bag producers based out of chicago. her goal is to manage production runs from out-sourced teams full-time and to have a full stock of ready to ship bags.
Bird Trouble strives to design and produce a line of functional, stylish, and tough leather goods in Chicago, IL. our customers are women who have no fear in showing off their personal style. they are also retailers who love to support quality artisan work. our customers ride motorcycles, they are artists, they are hard working, they are moms, they are ENTREPRENEURS... they're not afraid to be themselves.

Bird Trouble is sold through our e-commerce, our Chicago production studio, at pop ups, and through multiple retailers in america.

Alexz's journey through the maker movement is inspired by travel, a do-it-yourself mentality, her family who immigrated to the USA from Mexico, and her teenage years spending time in the rock n' roll / punk music scene. She is enthusiastic about supporting artists and paving your own path in life.

 photos by    N  olan Farell

photos by Nolan Farell