These last few weeks, I had the pleasure of meeting this sweet lady because I work with her sweet man at the Choogle shack in Chicago.  Above is Lana!  She's magical.  She was interested in creating a custom Convertible Waxed Canvas Bag because she's been passionate about purchasing goods from local artisans.

So we met up while she was working and, of course because she is magical, she picked out the most perfect waxed canvas that radiated blue and gold... just like the appearance of the sun hitting a sea horizon. After our discussion and considering that Lana is going to travel with this bag, we decided on a black base just because the base will always sit on different surfaces and as we all know, sometimes surfaces are dirty, sometimes they're slimy... and sometimes you just don't care if a basic black gets slimy or dirty.

Lana and I have this wanderlust soul fever thing in common.  We both love adventure.  We love the world.  It makes sense that Lana is an entrepreneur herself, actually one out of three founders of Collective Illuminations.  They had the idea of starting this project while they were adventuring the jungles of Costa Rica together and together, they host yoga and wellness retreats to connect others at a world-wide status through adventure, ceremony, and yoga. >> Visit the Collective Illuminations website.

As a maker and a business owner, I'm so lucky to meet such inspiring and kind people, especially when they embody an entrepreneur spirit themselves.  It's a treat for me to learn about them and watch them grow.  It's especially a treat for me when I get to create something for them.  I'm stoked that this one of a kind Bird Trouble Convertible Waxed Canvas Bag will be adventuring with Lana through-out her adventures.  She's truly what Bird Trouble would say is... wild and free.  Thank you Lana!  For supporting + trusting my creative spirit and flow!