Wild and Free by Bird Trouble is a line by designer and leather craftswoman, Alexz Sandoval.  Leather is the Bird Trouble choice of material and accessories is the way to our admirer’s hearts.  After working with both aspects for years and cultivating our community, we’ve got this Bird Trouble vision DOWN.




As always, we’re clutching onto inspiration from our travels.  Mexico continues to
energize us with bold colors, mellow vibes, strong flavors, tender individuals,
and barren beach locale.  To give tribute to a vibrant and nature loving culture,
we’ve added a range of fresh spirited dye options to Bird Trouble’s original
functional goods. We’ve also pulled in a dash of Nasty Woman influence to
install a positive and compassionate validation for our sisters, mothers, and earth.




With this collection, we intend to continue encouragement and transition into
sustainability by continuing to hand-craft our leather goods from start to finish.
We source a natural veg-tan 3/4 oz shoulder cow-hide leather that we’ve tested to last
for years and age with organic grace.  Each pattern drafted in studio.  Each piece of
leather cut with the help of our hands and trusty tools, continued by hand dying with
the water-based eco-dye that never fails to stain our hands.  Finishing up the process,
we sit at our industrial sewing machine to attach the parts and tie off thread ends.



Continuously we customize our styles to fit our retailers needs, may it be introducing
something new or simply altering a style.  Making our goods ourselves allows us to
meet our customer's needs with the closest attention.  That being said, we welcome
retailers and stylists to ask us to mix and match styles with dyes to attract the
WILD AND FREE kinfolk that provide you and us unconditional enthusiastic support.